We are convinced that a story has the power to change the world.

That’s why Jane Losa films’ projects are carefully chosen and created to be accelerators of change. Because from utopia to reality there is the world that we tell each other.

Intent, Integrity, Talent, Vision, Respect.
More than words, these are guides for all the stages of our productions.
As well as Enjoyment!

Passionate about content and creation in various genres and formats such as fiction, new writings and documentary, Marie-Dominique has over 15 years of experience in development, production and content production in the television, new media and film sectors.

In particular with the experimental projects Les enfants de la Bolduc (Which received several awards in Canada and abroad), In the Mouth and Loov.ca, on television with the fiction series Toi & Moi broadcast at Radio Canada (2013-16), and the feature films Le Torrent by Simon Lavoie and Gurov & Anna by Rafael Ouellet.

The production of the feature documentary The Earth Seen from the Heart with Hubert Reeves, of Iolande Cadrin Rossignol, marks a fundamental step in her career, which is now mainly dedicated to accelerating the ecological transition. Among the projects currently in development, a second documentary The Ocean Seen from the Heart as well as the documentary series Demain le Quebec (Tomorrow Quebec).


The Earth Seen from the Heart with Hubert Reeves was released in theaters in Quebec on April 13th, 2018. It stayed 9 weeks in regular programming and was screened in more than 40 locations on the International Earth Day. Since then, special screenings have occurred at the rate of one to two per week, throughout the province. Broadcasting on Radio Canada is scheduled for April 20, 2019.

In Europe, the film was released on the 23rd of May 2018 in France, Belgium and Switzerland, accumulating more than 27 000 entries. The DVD is available everywhere in stores including FNAC, Auchan, Carrefour and independent bookstores. The DVD is also presented in partnership with the paperback “Open letter to animals and those who love them” by Frédéric Lenoir, a bestselling book by a featured author adored by the French.

In development


Feature documentary

Sequel to the Earth seen from the Heart with Hubert Reeves. In the context of the collapse of marine biodiversity and climatic upheavals, the documentary reveals the latest scientific discoveries on the intelligence of marine animals and their ecosystems. It also invites us to join the ongoing protection and regeneration efforts of the ocean around the world.
Partners: SRC, CORUS funds, SODEC


Documentary series 10 X 1 H

Public figures engaged in the ecological transition encounter agents of change that offer real green alternatives and build the Quebec of tomorrow.
Partners: the SUZUKI Foundation, Le Pacte pour la transition


Docufiction series 10 X 1 H

The major environmental causes often take the appearance of a struggle like David’s against Goliath. With the help of a reputable lawyer specializing in environmental law, we plunge into the great citizen movements that give us hope for a better future for all of us.


From Sophie Deraspe
Drama series 8 X 1 H

A young lawyer suffering from a serious burnout rediscovers a taste for life by fighting alongside environmental activists to save a river threatened by oil exploitation.


Screenplay Pierre Fontaine, directed by Brigitte Fontaine

16-year-old Max has trouble dealing with the return of his father, a sergeant to the Canadian Army afflicted with PTSD, from his mission. Between his dreams of traveling, falling in love for the first time and his willingness to protect his younger brother and mother, the teenager struggles for his survival.


de Charles Olivier Michaud
Fiction feature film
Gabriel has a bright future ahead: Taking over the family business, built from the ground up by his charismatic father. But events of a rare violence will definitely blur the cards, dragging Gabriel into a reality where nothing and no one resembles what he thought he knew. Including himself.
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